Friday, October 31, 2008

I guess my Grandma was right...
the older you get...the faster time goes.
Remember how long it seemed to take for school to start???or get out!!!!
Christmas always seemed like a BILLION days away!
Its the first week in November already! time for another "Crop for a Cure!"
between the wedding and moving, it feels like it I totally lost track of time!
Good thing I have the best partner!!! I have a lot contributed this year...just not so much time! (obviously!) I am expecting a great turn out, we already have more people signed up and paid than EVER! We've been averaging 20 -24 ladies , but rumor has it that we have "THE BEST" crops, and we are expecting 30 -33 tomorrow! I just hope we have enough room! I'm seriously not worried...we will find a way!! We always do! What an exciting day! seems like a BILLION hours away!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

I got a pic of my invite! to totally appreciate the front of the card, you hafta understand the whole story. Matt and I started dating 13 years ago. when he was 25 an I had 3 boys (two teens) we dated for 3 1/2 years and lived together for 1. Things didn't work out and we split...but remained friends. In fact, we were better friends...closer than we were before. Then we lost touch...for about 4 years. Then , one day I couldn't make my turn and had to drive a few blocks out of my way. Then wondered ..."hummm....wonder if Matt still lives in his old house???" so I drove past. There he was .....sitting on the I had to stop and say hi! It took him about 28 seconds to realize who I was....( different hair color ...and style...and car)then...I saw it on his face.... we talked for hours. over the next few days we laughed and talked...and reminisced...and cried....
and grew closer.....then one just happened. he asked me to spend the rest of my life with him. how could I say no???
I believe it was fate or karma or something that brought us back together...
it had to be....I mean what are the chances????
Everything just seems to be falling into place. the good and the bad LOL
just hafta keep reminding myself that it could be
so in 64 ish hours I will have a new name. Its strange. yet peaceful....
frustrating yet ....exciting.
Did I mention I hate moving?????

Thursday, October 2, 2008

yea!!!!!! paper, cut, stamp!! therapy!!!!
Finally!!!! my room isnt quite set up yet (...ok its far from it!) But at least

I got a chance to do some ATC's...funny how glitter glue is good for the soul!