Wednesday, August 27, 2008

I cant believe that its been so long since my last post. I look at the blog a lot....but then move on to something else in my head and...well....there you have it!
July 2. It had been raining so hard and for so long I was beginning to think we had a Michigan hurricane. (never know..coulda been!) It was about 9pm and I was on the way to Matt's house...following another car...(not too close mind you) about a half block, saw the water on the road...looked to be about 3 or 4". By the time I reached the "dip" in the road the water had risen to about 2 feet! Enough to put the headlights under water and stall the engine! (Pontiac Sunfire)Then the back end started to float. (can you say flash flood!) OK...I can do this...I will just call Matt and he will come get me! no cell service (hello!! its raining!!) so I think, ok I can always climb out the sunroof! great idea! Wait...Its a power roof and I cant start the car! ok...try Matt again. Voice mail. Matt, I need your help. I am stuck in a puddle..ok, more like a lake, and my car stalled, and my feet are getting wet. HELP ME!!!! MY FEET ARE IN THE CAR AND THEY ARE UNDER WATER!! AND MY BUTT IS GETTING WET TOO AND PLEASE HELP ME!!!!. ok , I see a police car! he pulls up on the grass and starts walking over.(there are 3 other cars stuck by this time so it really wasn't just me!) The officer was trying to tell me to turn the key backwards to accessory to get the windows down. Took me a few minutes to "un" panic to actually get it! By that time Matt was there and pulled me out of the window. the water was up to my butt at that time. and the police car had water up past the bumper! we left and went back to his house to dry off and wait for the rain to quit. It finally did about 11:30 and we went back to roll up the windows. My car was still in the middle of the road...sideways! So we pushed it ..up hill... and closed it up and locked it. The insurance company totaled it. All of the electronics were wet. It ended up with a water mark 3" above the dash on the front windshield. Scary times.. I never thought I would be one to panic , but I guess you just never no. I now have a VW Golf convertible. The ladies at the insurance office were teasing me about it being easier to get out with a soft top! You have to have a sense of humor about things like this. I heard a lot of them. Matt said...neither hell nor high water was gonna keep me from seeing him that night,....high water almost did! and another one of my favs... row, row, row your car gently up the street! Whew!!! gives me chills just thinking about it again!