Wednesday, June 25, 2008

WHEW!!!! What a weekend. Our relay event was awesome! Great weather...a few sprinkles on Saturday afternoon but temps in the mid 70's and a little chilly at night but we had the camp fire to keep us warm! great idea whoever thought of the campfire table! the totals are over $58,000 with a big weekend coming up. The Gus Maker 3 on 3 basketball tournament is this weekend and out team gets to "man the food trailer". It should bring in a bunch of cash.

The theme this year was "LUAU" we pulled together with 2 other teams to have the best campsite! fishnet, palm trees, hula skirts....and now we are officially the "north enders"...since we took up the whole north end of the field!. a bit of excitement....there was a photographer from the newspaper that came down to do a story. She wanted to get a picture from up high but the city had decided to replace all the bleachers... that week...(uggh!) so the girl climbed up to the top using the braces and then, was afraid to get down. the Ludington Fire Department got a chance to use its brand new truck to come in and get her down in the embarrassing for her! At least she got the pictures!! (I hope!)

Our Miss Relay even helped! Scott is on the fire Dept when hes not soliciting ...

Thank you to everyone that donated time or money to our cause this year. If you didn't get a chance or forgot....don't worry....theres always next year!