Thursday, March 27, 2008

Monday, March 17, 2008

Theres something about doing silly things that makes all the stress go away..just for a moment....

Last weekend I had a chance to stay at a wonderful Lodge in Baldwin with a bunch of scrappy ladies. A 3 day retreat with awesome food, great conversation and ...yes, a lot of sillyness. Friday night at midnight, we made snow angles and stayed up till 3am...Saturday night we made snow devils...and stayed up till 4!

We stayed at the PM River Lodge and if you ever get a chance, go. Beautiful, rustic awesome fireplace and a stuffed bear! The food was magnificent and the carmel pie was nothing short of heaven with a fork!

Since it "IS" a fishing lodge, theres also a store, but i never made it over there...LOL

This was my first retreat..and definatly not my last!

Monday, March 3, 2008

I finally had a chance to do some "artsy stuff" this past weeekend and figured I would post some pictures. These are fom a "Tip In Swap". A tip-in like an altered book ...light. - Cats and floral beauties.
Each person in the group picks a theme. Each tip-in should consist of two 5"x7" pages, preferably mounted on cardstock for stability - each tip-in should be a two-page spread in that person's theme. Mail the first set to the person below your name in the table - then every two weeks mail to the next person, etc. When you have all of your pages back you can put them in your own book or make a book just for them. I LOVE the altered books, but these are so much less expensive to mail! and easier to keep track of!